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Sulyap Gallery Cafe & Restaurant: Experience a Taste of the Past

17 May

Last week I had a chance to travel to San Pablo, Laguna with my friends and cousin for business. A friend of mine who’s from San Pablo recommend this historical place for us to have our lunch. It was an impromptu trip so I was not able to bring my camera so have to make the best out of an Iphone.

When I went inside the restaurant I really feel living in a spanish era from the tables, chairs, windows, paintings, photos and some vintage items.

Instead of waiting for our food at our table we went to their gallery / museum. Where they showcase vintage items and furnitures, it’s a must visit for place vintage lovers since everything in the museum are personal collection.

After the museum we head back to the restaurant and had our lunch.

Bangus Belly P340

The bangus belly (milkfish) is really to die for it’s very delicious and fatty!

Sinigang na Liempo P360

Sinigang na Liempo is basically a pork belly sour soup with mixed vegetables.

Beef Tapa P350

Kulawong ng talong P310

Kulawong ng talong is basically a grilled pork belly mixed with smoked eggplant in a coconut milk sauce. You have an option here if you want to have an eggplant or puso ng saging.

Try to check this place if your in the area they’re open Monday – Sunday 10am-10pm.


Fresh Orange Apple Shake! ~ For your hot summer!

20 Apr

Oh yes it’s summer and we are feeling the sizzling heat of it! So I made a cool refreshing drink to beat up the heat!

In this recipe, we want to balance the flavor of the apple and orange so we use 3pcs of orange and 3pcs of apple.



I also added a sparkling lemon water to give it a slight lemony flavor!

Sparkling Lemon Water

and some honey to add sweetness. You can also use white sugar or syrup for alternative!


Lastly the ice cube all together into blender! The time of blending this ingredients together will depends on the consistency you want to have in your shake, mine takes about 40seconds blending it to the consistency that I want. Enjoy the summer heat! 🙂


3 pcs of Apple

3 pcs of Orange

2tbsp of Honey

70ml of Sparkling lemon water

1/2 cup of Ice cubes

Noriter Cafe! The perfect place for coffee!

17 Apr

Recently I’ve done a photoshoot for a clothing company that was held in Noriter Cafe. It’s located in Estrada St. corner Taft Avenue, no one would expect that such a home student feel like coffee shop exist in the area. The entrance is only a small open door that immediately  leads to a staircase or 2nd floor where Noriter is located.  I’ll be posing photos of the place to give you the feeling of being there at least visually :p

This is the wall where you can design your own cup and share it to the world!

The tables that are full of photos, polaroids etc! Which is very nice and don’t forget you can also leave your photos 🙂

This is their order counter together with their colorful menu! The price range of the drinks and food averages 130, they have plenty of drinks and food to choose from. I tried their cookies and cream and their iced tea which happens to be really good for the price and size! You can click on the pic to see their menu!

The flying objects!

This are just some of the detailed shots, you should see it for yourself there are lot more great stuff waiting for you! There’s a section where you can remove your shoes and sit on the floor, lay down etc! To some that they feel it so homey they sleep on it and not to mention the PDA session as if no one else is there! haha :p Overall I really like the place you guys should try it and see for yourself! By the way it is owned by a married Koreans!

Noriter is open from Monday to Saturday, operating hours starts from 10am until 9pm.


Kogi Bulgogi at Lucky Chinatown Mall

3 Apr

I invited my cousin to eat out for a dinner before he leaves Philippines. We have decided to eat at a mall near our house which is Lucky Chinatown Mall and we headed straight to the first korean restaurant there which is Kogi Bulgogi.

Kogi Bulgogi

When you enter the restaurant their friendly staff will greet you “anyeo haseyo” and bring you to your seat.  The ambiance of the place will give you a warm and cozy feeling, then you have plenty of options to choose from their menu including some Japanese food like sashimi and some rice bowls. You’ll also be served with some appetizers like tofu, kimchi, quail egg, sweet potato, myulchi (small fish or dilis)  as these are normal to all korean restaurants.

My first order was the Bibimbap! They are very generous with the serving of the bibimbap and surely you’ll get full after eating it! However I find their rice to dry for a bibimbap or it’s just me…


I also ordered their house salad that taste like ceasar salad and it’s very good! The crunchy lettuce serve with their tasty sauce and spongy croutons.

House Salad

Of course it wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t order any barbecue food so we had their Sam Gyup Sal!

Sam Gyup Sal

Yes! That’s their malnourished sam gyup sal that I think was deep friend and served in “sizzling plate” . It’s too dry, thin and feels very cheap eating it. Would rather order a lechon kawali than this one! I can’t believe that this is their sam gyup sal that I called up their waiter and asked them if this is their real sam gyup sal and yes it’s real. The sam gyup sal was served together with lettuce and 3 dipping sauce.

Prawn Twigim

I also ordered their prawn twigim that is serve in 5 pieces. I don’t know if this should taste like tempura together with the “kikoman” dipping sauce but I find the prawn salty at the same time the powdery feeling of the flour they used.

Kill Bill

And that’s the bill for two person, did I order too much or it’s really just not that cheap.

Kogi Bulgogi also has a branch in Eastwood Mall and the quality there might be better. The lucky chinatown mall branch just recently open and might still be adjusting to provide a better quality experience. It’s a promising restaurant and still has a lot of room for improvements since it just opened. A lot of people specially Chinese are trying this out, I think it’s the first korean restaurant that opened in Binondo.

Will try this restaurant again after several months 🙂

Tasty Dumplings

13 Mar

One of my favorite restaurant in Binondo (Chinatown). This is the place where I always end up eating because it’s just near my place and very affordable.

Let us start with my drink, I had a wintermelon juice. I believe the juice itself is warm and they just put ice in it when they’re about to serve it. The drink was not cold enough at first so I have to ask for a glass of ice and it was so much better after!

Wintermelon Juice

Of course you have to order their dumplings for your appetizer! You have the option to have it steamed, deep fried or both.

Steam and fried Kuchay Dumplings

This is my favorite the ultimate pork chop rice! The crunchy pork chop that is twice the size of your palm and it is accompanied with clear soup and vegetables. The rice is served with a brown sauce on top that gives an “adobo” like taste. Don’t forget to try their homemade chili sauce!

Pork Chop Rice

Here’s their affordable menu for your reference.

Menu #1

Menu #2

Don’t forget to try their porkchop noodles and soya milk.

They do delivery with a minimum order of P300.00

Tasty Dumplings Binondo (Ongpin Branch)

Monday – Saturday




Tel: 2425195

Tasty Dumplings Quezon City (N.S. Amoranto Branch)

Sunday – Saturday


Tel: 7422917

Makansutra Gluttons Bay Singapore

12 Mar

One of the best places in Singapore to enjoy great hawker style food that is located within the city. The food here are mostly asian cuisine that are priced reasonably considering the generous servings they give.

The famous Milo Dinosaur

The milo dinosaur is a very good cold drink with a very chocolaty taste best for summer!

Singaporean grilled chicken wings

This is the signature street food of Singapore dated very long long time… 🙂 It’s very juicy specially when top with calamansi or lime.

Sembal Kangkong

Spicy Sembal Kangkong always goes best with rice! It’s very appetizing and crunchy!

BBQ satays!

BBQ satay platter, you have 3 options to choose from chicken , pork or beef satay and comes with the dipping sauce!

Makan time! Makansutra is located near the esplanade mall there are subway stations near the place such as City Hall and Esplanade Station. If your on a taxi just tell the driver to bring you to makansutra, majority of the taxi drivers should know it!

Makansutra Gluttons Bay

8 Raffles Avenue #01-15 Singapore 039802
Mon – Thurs : 5pm – 2am
Fri & Sat : 5pm – 3am
Sun : 4pm – 1am