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Kogi Bulgogi at Lucky Chinatown Mall

3 Apr

I invited my cousin to eat out for a dinner before he leaves Philippines. We have decided to eat at a mall near our house which is Lucky Chinatown Mall and we headed straight to the first korean restaurant there which is Kogi Bulgogi.

Kogi Bulgogi

When you enter the restaurant their friendly staff will greet you “anyeo haseyo” and bring you to your seat.  The ambiance of the place will give you a warm and cozy feeling, then you have plenty of options to choose from their menu including some Japanese food like sashimi and some rice bowls. You’ll also be served with some appetizers like tofu, kimchi, quail egg, sweet potato, myulchi (small fish or dilis)  as these are normal to all korean restaurants.

My first order was the Bibimbap! They are very generous with the serving of the bibimbap and surely you’ll get full after eating it! However I find their rice to dry for a bibimbap or it’s just me…


I also ordered their house salad that taste like ceasar salad and it’s very good! The crunchy lettuce serve with their tasty sauce and spongy croutons.

House Salad

Of course it wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t order any barbecue food so we had their Sam Gyup Sal!

Sam Gyup Sal

Yes! That’s their malnourished sam gyup sal that I think was deep friend and served in “sizzling plate” . It’s too dry, thin and feels very cheap eating it. Would rather order a lechon kawali than this one! I can’t believe that this is their sam gyup sal that I called up their waiter and asked them if this is their real sam gyup sal and yes it’s real. The sam gyup sal was served together with lettuce and 3 dipping sauce.

Prawn Twigim

I also ordered their prawn twigim that is serve in 5 pieces. I don’t know if this should taste like tempura together with the “kikoman” dipping sauce but I find the prawn salty at the same time the powdery feeling of the flour they used.

Kill Bill

And that’s the bill for two person, did I order too much or it’s really just not that cheap.

Kogi Bulgogi also has a branch in Eastwood Mall and the quality there might be better. The lucky chinatown mall branch just recently open and might still be adjusting to provide a better quality experience. It’s a promising restaurant and still has a lot of room for improvements since it just opened. A lot of people specially Chinese are trying this out, I think it’s the first korean restaurant that opened in Binondo.

Will try this restaurant again after several months 🙂